onsdag 14. mars 2012

Stylish photobags

Who says you need to use a big, grey and dull photobag? Here are some inspiration for shopping a photobag that screams creativity. 

 My favourite is this one

The Mulberry-Oak-Postmans-Lock-Camera-Bag

The stylish bags from Pompidoo seems rather small, but you can actually fit a lot in it. One example is "the everyday set"

Packing for everyday use - a medium sized DSLR, purse, mobile phone, keys and a cosmetic set.

(photos from Pompidoo, Jototes and The Fashion Brewery) 

1 kommentar:

  1. ja takk til alle!!!

    Og ja, det er Larnarca på Kypros vi skal til! Gleder meg!


Veldig hyggelig om du vil legge igjen et lite spor. Tusen takk for titten!

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