As long as I can remember I have been redecorating my home. Late nights redecorating my room on schoolnights. To my fathers frustration coming home finding the living room completely altered. Now trying to make a home of our semi-new house from the 80s bought one and a half year ago.

My photo interest grew big with my first Nikon at the age of 16. I have had a camera at my side since then, maybe not very dedicated to the techniques - and way before Photoshop came into my life. Now - trying to improve both photo-techniques and learning to use PS to make the pictures even better. 

I have inherited my creative genes from my mum - and I cherish every creative moment - making albums, blogging or taking pictures. Planning and executing.

In addition to my blog, my home and  my photography, I have two wonderful daughters and soon a husband to be. We live just outside of Oslo, in a yellow house with a nice litte garden. 

I hope you enjoy my little colorful and playful space on the big world wide web ;) 

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